Hermes Lindy Bag Replica

It's the very first time I begin to see the new Hermes Lindy Bag Replica (in Geranium) close up.

It's a rather unusual bag which has incorporated odds and ends from the label's bag legendary styles. As I do like how a bag looks, I actually do question about its functionality. It appears like I will have to keep unbuckling the belt to spread out the bag. For design reasons though, the buckle looks great. I know the bag could work rather well without its flap being buckled in- either you are able to tuck the flap in to the bag (just like a birkin) or leave the flap within the buckle.

I haven't yet try out this bag and that i can't wait to get it done soon. However this bag is one thing new at Hermes.

Basically were to choose from the Hermes Lindy Bag Replica and also the Kelly though, I'd still choose the Kelly. What about you?